+ Christopher M. DeLorenzo

Self-possessed and a constant curiosity complimented by the slow-burn intensity of a lingering gaze, Chris Delorenzo's work is both emergent and preternatural. Defying convention and unapologetically driven toward artful means, DeLorenzo's images speak to an affinity of beauty that were once hidden and now are deliberately shared like bounty at our feet. Perhaps, the most fitting frame for this devout image maker is that of a bona fide treasure hunter - but critically, Chris is driven to share these precious finds with those of us who speak the same visual language, instead of keeping them only for himself. - Libero Antonio Di Zinno

+ Who Represents Me

Josette Lata
601 W 26th St. #1225 New York, NY 1001

+ Who I've Worked With

Album Surfboards, Axxe Wetsuits, Bell Helmets, Bikyni, Body Glove, Colorado Biz Magazine, Eastern Surf Magazine, Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur Startups, Gear Patrol, Giro, Liquid Salt, Oribe Haircare, Racer Magazine, Reef, Rolling Stone, Rutgers University, Surfin' Life Magazine (Japan), Saatchi & Saatchi, Saltura, Samsung, Santa Barbara Life & Style, Saw & Mitre, Surfline, Surfer Mag, Surfing Mag, Toyota, Wetsand Surf, World Surf League.

+ How To Talk To Me

Email chris@chrisdelorenzophoto.com
Instagram @chris_delorenzo
Print Inquiries prints@chrisdelorenzophoto.com
Phone 908.227.3909
Location New York