Luke Ditella

Project Overview

Talent: Luke Ditella
Director: Chris DeLorenzo
Director of Photography: Matt Paul Catalano
Producer: Christopher Labzda

What: A cinematic 2-3 minute spot on Luke, capturing the essence of who he is as a person, where his passions stem from, what motivates him and what his dreams/fears are. Visuals will include automotive, moto, surfing, city life, training, family and home video.

Where: Between New Jersey and New England. Shots may include in water, drone, car to car driving, etc.

When: Fall/Winter - cool tones, wetsuits, jackets, etc.

Why: Luke isn't a trend. He's not your average bearded guy who can stand in for an ad, make a few bucks and talk the talk. He has a story. Humble beginnings, hard work, an impeccable taste for all things automotive, fashion, architecture and a timeless class that inspires our generation. 




The final story/script/theme is still being worked on. We want this whole piece to be a collaboration, including Luke in the preproduction/story end of things is at the top of our list. It will help make this piece as personal, accurate, and meaningful as possible. Not all of the questions below have to be answered, we are really looking for a few answers that kind of stand out above the rest, and running with those as some underlying themes to the story, instead of the piece being a Q&A which would not only take away from the mood and cinematic energy, but would also feel quite impersonal. 



The piece will show who Luke really is, not some surfer turned model who surfs all over the world and drives in cars because he wants people to stare. Luke is, in the truest sense of the words, a tastemaker, trailblazer, and the modern day american dream. 

We are envisioning imagery from New Jersey and NYC; atmospheric, gritty and informative. These first few shots will dictate both the mood and setting of the piece. Enter Luke, we hear his voice before we see him. He will be narratting throughout. His words may vary a bit depending on the direction we head collectively after we hear back from some of the questions below. The subject matter will more or less continue as planned. We might introduce visuals of Luke slowly, not revealing everything right away. That is a constant theme throughout, things might be implied rather than thrown in the audiences face. Tension and loss could be visually explained through the ocean and generally cool colors, and passing of time and resolutions can be shown through sped up POV views of highway, clouds and overal warm colors. 

The pace will start out slowly, giving the audience time to digest the who, what and where of it all. And just as the viewers become comfortable with what is happening, the pace will quickly speed up and become almost wild, just as it feels things are starting to become broken, the pace will slow down and give back the viewer a sense of space. All previous sounds stop, breathing takes over and slowly audio/sound/music may begin to come back. Throughout the rest of the piece, the energy will build and build again, higher than before, but this time in control. Just as the energy peaks, we can cut to black, not only leaving room for audiences imaginations, but keeping that stoke inside them.

The energy, pace and mood of the piece will be heavily driven by the audio. We would like this to hit the viewers not only in their hearts and minds but their senses too. We can utilize creative editing to flash imagery that evoke high energy and add to the tone of the words being spoken. 

This piece is all about emotion, any clients involved are secondary to the story, ie. only organic and natural product placement.   


Questions For Luke

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words.
  2. What motivates you to get up each morning? 
  3. What does "style" mean to you.
  4. What does "class" mean to you.
  5. How did growing up on the east coast influence you.
  6. Do you have any daily rituals.
  7. Can you tell us about your childhood and growing up?  (to help reveal the contrast before the loss and after)
  8. How did you lose your parents and can you describe the feeling(s) you encountered during that loss and in the months or years right after?
  9. What type of roles did your mother and father take in your life and what was the greatest thing that each of them left behind for you, mentally or physically?
  10. At what point did Melissa come into your life and how has she inspired you?  Or how has life changed with her in your life?
  11. What artists inspire you (Could be any medium)
  12. Can you tell us more about how you became involved in surfing and why you still love it?
  13. Have you had any close calls in the water. Ever been close to drowning? If so, how did that feel?
  14. How do you decompress / reflect at the end of each day? 
  15. Can you tell us more about how you became involved with cars and motorcycles and why you still love them?
  16. What makes you feel most alive? 
  17. What do you want your legacy to be.




Grow up: “Get a job” featuring A$AP Rocky – Mercedes-Benz original"

Levi's "Tokyo/Texas"

Next Steps

The next phases of the project are building an estimate as well as narrowing in on the themes to cover based on Luke's answers, which will then help us shape the story into a more refined script, storyboard and shot list.

Thank you so much and we look forward to the oppurtunity to make something beautiful.

All the best,

Chris DeLorenzo