Oribe - "Hands - The Fingerprint of a Stylist"

A stills and motion campaign that explores the abstract, elegant and tactile ways hands are used in the styling of hair and the use of product.



Hands are the fingerprints to the stylist. They way they move their hands tells us everything about their intentions towards the hair. 

Some themes for the shoot are:

-Oribe product and hands have a symbiotic relationship, cannot thrive without eachother
-Hands tell us more about the stylist than their eyes or face - A stylist's fingerprint

Inspiration from palm reading, you can tell a lot from the soul of their hands. Tattoos, no tattoos, light or dark skin, weathered or smooth, they all have a story to tell. This will be a great addition to the Oribe campaigns, continuing with the message of diversity where the last photoshoot left of (Richard Burbridge Hair Imagery for Oribe).

This campaign is targeted at salons, stylists, and the B2B sales. 



Actions may include braiding, spraying, brushing, cutting (both with scissors and razors), hair falling, and applying product.



Hand movementns will be elegant, but not just for the sake of elegance, each movement will stay genuine to the way hair is styled. All imagery will have hands in them, with a combination of hair and product. 



The light will be overall soft, but have a punch/shine look to it that will make the skin, product and hair pop in the images. We may under or overexpose certain images to accentuate line, texture and movement.



I want the vibe of the images appear almost as a fine art piece. Therefore the background should have some slight tonal differences and a subtle addition of texture. Note, these are just tonal references and should be interepreted losely.



All wardrobe styling will be minimal, which will not take a way from the hands/hair/product, as well as add to the elegant feel.



The film wil be 1-2 minutes, accompanying the imagery. Lot's of macro, tight shots mixed with slow motion to show as much detail as possible on the hands, hair and product. 


Video Inspiration



We should shoot at a north facing studio with large bay windows. That way we can utilize the natural light for the motion piece, but the stills can be a combination of both natural and artificial light. A great option for this is Purespace at 601 W 26th St.